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Girls Gotta Eat

Sep 27, 2021

It's the long overdue, much-needed episode on narcissists with a true expert -- clinical psychologist, professor of psychology, and best-selling author Dr. Ramani Durvasula. We are discussing what a narcissist actually is, why people are attracted to them, what dating one looks like, what to do/how to leave if you're dating one, and the effect dating a narcissist can have on you. Dr. Ramani also breaks down the differences between narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths, and we hit her with burning questions like "What happens when two narcissists date?" and "Are we all a little bit narcissistic?" Before she joins us, we catch up on Ashley's ghosting situation, and a trash DM Rayna received. Hope you enjoy!

Check out Dr. Ramani on YouTube here and visit her website here.

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