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Girls Gotta Eat

Aug 13, 2018

It's our first female guest and we couldn't be more excited! Kelley Knight is a psychic medium, tarot professional, owner of the amazing Modern Mystic Shop, and intuitive life coach (and also Ashley's personal life coach). We cover so much interesting ground in this episode -- tarot and astrology, Kelley's chats with dead people, her unique journey to find her husband, and a wealth of relationship advice. If you're frustrated in dating and wondering "What am I doing wrong?" or "WHERE IS HE?", we think you'll find a lot of helpful info in this one. And at the end of the episode, Kelley does tarot readings for our relationship futures. Enjoy! Follow Kelley on Instagram at @ModernMystic_Tarot and her shop @ModernMystic_Shop. Follow Girls Gotta Eat at @GirlsGottaEatPodcast