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Girls Gotta Eat

Aug 9, 2021

It's just the two of us and we're covering a topic that arises in every relationship: Meeting the family. We're discussing introducing your partner to your family and vice versa, and everything from when, where, and how it should happen, fucked up family dynamics, appropriate gifts to bring, sleeping arrangements at the house, tips for communicating/bonding with their family, PDA, and yes, even political differences. And we're sharing some truly hilarious listener stories about family gatherings gone wrong. Plus, Rayna is working out again, Ashley reflects on her past as a shot girl, and we have fresh TV recs. Hope you enjoy!

Follow us on Instagram @GirlsGottaEatPodcast, Rayna @Rayna.Greenberg, and Ashley @AshHess. Visit our website for tour dates, NEW merchandise, and more.

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