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Girls Gotta Eat

May 6, 2024

We are SO excited to be joined by Tinx to talk about box theory, reverse box theory, and a GGE exclusive – the Eating Box Theory. But there’s so much more – we’re discussing all the ways to take back your power in dating (and enjoy it more) by shifting your mindset, working the apps to your advantage, embracing your cringe, getting into your main character energy, and holding funerals when situationships end. We also discuss reinventing yourself, still lusting for an ex when you ended it, how to advocate for your own pleasure in bed, and more. Before Tinx joins us, we’re announcing our new Suck & Blow Gel flavor (!!!), having a ridiculous conversation about eating ass, and catching up on Ashley’s blowjob apology and Rayna’s sensual massage. Enjoy!

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