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Girls Gotta Eat

Jan 8, 2024

We are so excited to be joined by our good friend and hilarious comedian Brittany Schmitt for a conversation that flows from funny to serious to slutty in the best way. Brittany shares her story of getting sober – why she relied on alcohol, when she felt like she lost herself, how she stopped drinking for good, getting sober when your spouse isn’t, friendships changing, and more. She also opens up about her divorce, making new friends after a relationship ends, and her dating life now. And we round it out with a wild conversation about an athlete she’s been DMing with, the ridiculous questions he asked her, and our feelings on sharing your body count.

Before Brittany joins us, we’re recapping the NYE party and the game everyone loved, sharing a piece of strong and simple dating advice Rayna received, and analyzing boyfriends as dog breeds. Plus, we have fresh book and movie recs. Enjoy!

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