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Girls Gotta Eat

Nov 6, 2023

With all the dating advice/rules/list/etc taking over our online landscape, we couldn’t help but wonder…have we gone too far? We’re so excited to cover the concept of overcorrecting when it comes to dating, inspired by the viral list “Places Women Refuse to Go On a First Date” (we have a lot to say!) and from all the content we see and consume every day. We discuss how some of the information out there could actually be harming your dating life and possibility of finding love, but how you can filter it and make it work for you. Before we get into the topic, we talk about guys on bikes (ick or not?), Rayna's comical texting with her mom about Thanksgiving, something that killed the mood for Ashley like never before, the show Naked Attraction, AND our new Vibes Only products (including a vibrator that will give you the best orgasm of your life). Enjoy!

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