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Girls Gotta Eat

May 20, 2024

We are so excited to sit down with entrepreneur/speaker/overall inspirational human Sahil Bloom to talk about love, life, career, and unhinged male behavior. He shares how he spent so many years having negative self-talk and seeking external validation, and how he overcame his insecurities and found his identity. He also shares why extremes of self-help advice don’t work and his realistic “ABC system” to achieve your goals. And we talk about relationships – his #1 tip for long-lasting partnership, the secret to how he and his wife have made it work so long, why who you choose to partner with is so important, where to find the people who embody what you’re looking for, and how male insecurity is the root of all bad behavior. Before Sahil joins us, it’s a circus of storytelling – a hilarious/embarrassing incident that happened to Rayna right before recording, our new vibrator debut, power ranking of guys who have stayed with Rayna, and Ashley’s anniversary. Enjoy!

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