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Girls Gotta Eat

Nov 1, 2021

We are welcoming back a GGE fave, Matchmaker Maria, and she's  serving up that spicy advice. We're discussing the definition of and importance of having a hoe phase (no matter your age), how to have a successful hoe phase, how to recognize someone in their hoe phase, and dealing with judgement from others or your own guilt while you're hoe'ing. Maria also gets real about unfulfilled desires in a marriage/after having children and how to address them with your partner and mend a struggling sex life, plus gives candid answers to dating questions like "How do I tell him to go down on me?" and "How many dates do you give it to see if there's a spark?" Before Maria joins us, we talk about bombing a joke while flirting, car knowledge, and what shows we've been watching. Enjoy!

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