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Girls Gotta Eat

Aug 10, 2020

On this episode, we're discussing abortion with Dr. Meera Shah, a family medicine physician who provides abortion care and the recent author of You're the Only One I've Told: The Stories Behind Abortion (September 1 release). Meera provides us with information and facts regarding the abortion process and how it varies from state to state, and we discuss stigmas surrounding this area of reproductive health, why some women choose not to share their stories, barriers to access and marginalized groups that are affected the most, abortion rights and the political climate, and more. While we express our pro-choice stance, this episode is based on factual information and does not criticize those with pro-life beliefs.

Before we bring in our guest, we're discussing (and spilling some tea on) a former guest who's been at the top of the pop culture headlines lately, Dale Moss, giving a Brennan update, sharing some listeners' sex tips, and Ashley threatens to FaceTime Rayna's man-who's-not-her-man to have a word. Hope you enjoy!

Go to for more info on Dr. Meera Shah and to pre-order the book.

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