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Girls Gotta Eat

Apr 10, 2023

We are honored to have clinical psychologist Dr. Orna Guralnik of Showtime’s acclaimed show Couples Therapy join us to talk about conflict within a relationship. We discuss first of all the importance of having differences in a relationship, then get into how to better understand your partner during a fight, what is a fight vs. a discussion and who gets to say, and determining if the conflict is about the actual content or just the delivery. We also discuss what to do when you’re having the same conflict over and over (examples include: household responsibilities, infidelity, having children), the concept of “never go to bed angry,” managing your anger, and apologizing. Before Dr. Orna joins us, we’re catching up on Rayna’s hot neighbor and art gallery crush, Ashley’s nails and new car, and announcing new tour dates. Enjoy!

Watch Couples Therapy with Dr. Orna on Showtime (season 4 premiering 4/28), and visit

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